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We can produce more than show

Dear Customer,

ECO-TEXTILE CO., LTD. has developed over 150kinds of eco-friendly yarn, but some yarn are custom made for speical customers, without their confirmed allowance, we can't show them in public on our website, thanks for your kind understanding.

Recently, we have production schedule on the silver sparkle yarn, kapok blended yarn as well as peppermint,apocynum,wormwood yarn etc. Is there any yarn idea from you, we will spare no effort to assist you.

Sincerely and professional,



Contact: Maisie Tan

Phone: 0086-13811454367

Tel: 0086-10-57165881

Email: maisie_tan@jmdart.com

Add: Building No. 109, Zhuanchang Beili,Tongzhou Dist. 101101 Beijing China